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Based on the revolutionary teachings of Dr. Sebi, Electric Life brings the knowledge of plant-based eating right to your home at the click of a button!  Here's our story.


Our Story

Like most people, throughout my life I believed getting sick was a natural part of getting older, accrediting disease to genetic bad luck and pharmaceuticals as the only means of medication. For years I watched as many of my family and friends struggled with aches, pains, chronic illness, and obesity. After healing my own body through fasting and plant-based nutrition, I decided it was time to share what I'd learned. And so, during the covid-19 quarantine, we started a small online group as a way to spread knowledge of the origin of all disease and how to keep the body strong and healthy through nutrition. As the months went by, it became clear that many more people were interested in learning about using food as medicine. Now, Electric Life has grown to reach men and women across the country.


Electric Life is dedicated to spreading awareness of the origin and cure of all disease: food. Through focus groups, online courses, and personal consultations our mission is to empower people of all races, ages, genders, and medical backgrounds to take control of our own health. 


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What is the Electric Diet?

The Electric Diet is a plant-based & alkaline lifestyle which roots itself in only consuming foods that are natural to the planet and the body. Created by the late Dr. Sebi in the 1980s, the Electric Diet uses a list of natural foods, known as the Nutritional Guide, and herbs to empower the body. For a food to be considered "electrical" it must have the following four characteristics:

  1. Must be Living  (plant-based)

  2. Must be Alkaline  (>7 pH level)

  3. Must be Non-Hybrid  (a single species)

  4. Must be Natural  (grows in the wild)

By utilizing only these foods to prepare meals and natural remedies, the Electric Diet has proven itself time and time again to provide the best sources of nutrition and electricity for the body. 

Forest Fruit Ice Cream

All disease begins and ends in the gut.

Why is it called the "Electric" Diet?

The human body, like all living things, is electrical. In fact, your body produces over 100 watts of energy every minute just to keep your organs functioning. With 99% of that energy obtained from food, by choosing foods that effectively give good fuel (nutrients) can almost guarantee a long healthy life. However, most of the foods in the modern-day Western Diet are overly processed or dead, and over time, can cause the body to become weighed down and lack the ability to properly conduct energy; it's true life source.


On the other hand, living things are the best source of electrical energy and by consuming living foods like fruits, vegetables, ancient grains, nuts & seeds, plant oils, and herbs, you are infusing your cells with natural electricity. Hence the name, the Electric Diet. Click the button below to learn more.

Who was Dr. Sebi

Born in Honduras in 1933, Alfredo Bowman, aka Dr. Sebi, dedicated over 50 years of his life to rediscovering the origins and health benefits of our food; a journey that was heavily ridiculed by western medicine. While living in New York in the 80's, Sebi was arrested for claiming to have cured hundreds of people from diseases such as aids, sickle cell, cancer, lupus, diabetes, Crohn's Disease, Parkinson's and many other chronic illnesses western medicine still believes to be incurable. A claim to which he proved and won in The Supreme Court.


Since then, Sebi continued to travel the world teaching people how to heal through food and has left a brilliant legacy and guideline for us to follow. For more info on Dr. Sebi and his teachings, click the link below.

What is The Nutritional Guide

As the modern diet has changed so drastically throughout time (especially since the industrial period) much of our food sources are no longer in their original form and do not offer the natural nutritional value our bodies need. To combat this dilemma, Dr. Sebi spent over 30 years tracing the biological origins of our food to determine which foods were still in their natural state. The Nutritional Guide is the gift of his results and is comprised of a list of fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds, ancient grains, oils, natural teas, and herbs & spices; all of which are still in their original form as designed by nature.   

You can think of the Nutritional Guide as an extensive list of ingredients you can use to prepare meals and remedies that help your body heal and remain disease free. Hit the button below to download your own copy of the Nutritional Guide.


Fasting & Digestive Wellness

Plant-Based Nutrition

Alkaline Cooking & Meal Planning

Dis-Ease & Detoxing

Food Origins & Health Benefits

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