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The Electric Diet for Beginners

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Whether you're new to the lifestyle or looking to share it with others, the following info breaks down the meaning, origins, and methods of the Electric Diet.

What is the Electric Diet, really?

The Electric Diet is a plant-based and alkaline lifestyle which roots itself in only consuming foods that are natural to the planet and the body. Created by the late Dr. Sebi in the 1980s, the Electric Diet (also called the Cellfood Diet) uses a list of "electrical" foods and natural herbs that nourish the body on the cellular level (check out the insight Cellfood: How to Properly Nourish the Body for more info). This list, known as the Nutritional Guide, contains only foods that possess four main characteristics. For a food to be considered "electrical" it must be:

  1. Must be Living (plant-based)

  2. Must be Alkaline (>7 pH level)

  3. Must be Non-Hybrid (a single species)

  4. Must be Natural (grows in the wild)

Let's take a closer look at these four characteristics to get a better understanding of how the Electric Diet works:


The first characteristic of an electric food is that it must be a living food. In other words, it must be a plant, something that grows from the earth. All energy starts with the sun. Through a process called photosynthesis, plants use their leaves to absorb sunlight. Animals then eat the plant to absorb the sun's energy stored in the plant. By eating the plants directly (instead of eating animals or animal products) we are receiving the purest form of the sunlight in the highest dosage.



In addition to its planthood, a food should also be alkaline--have a pH level greater than 7. pH stands for "potential for hydrogen" and represents how well a substance is able to attract hydrogen atoms. Substances with low pH levels already contain too much hydrogen making it hard for them to add more hydrogen atoms, or in other words, they have a low potential for hydrogen. Low pH substances are called acidic, while high pH substances are called alkaline (or base). When our diet consists of mostly alkaline foods, we are creating a acid-free environment for our cells to thrive in.

(for more info, see The Power of the pH)



Not only should our food be plant-based and alkaline, but it should also be a single species or the "Non-Hybrid" version. Throughout the centuries, humans have tampered with the genetics of our food through hybridization and genetic modification. By splicing together the stems of two different plant species, an entirely new species is created (this is called a hybrid). By tampering with the genetic code of a species, science can make food last longer or grow, unnaturally, larger. For example, a lemon is actually a hybrid cross between a pomelo and a sour-orange, while seedless watermelons are cloned to grow without seeds. Although at face value this genetic tampering seemed like a good idea initially, decades later we are seeing devastating repercussions.

The truth is, your body is a natural being. This means your cells only speak the genetic code of nature. When these man-made concoctions enter the body, your cells do not recognize the nutrients in them which can lead to all kinds of future complications. However, by sticking to the original designs we can nourish the body much more efficiently.



The final characteristic is really more of question than a statement: does this food grow in the wild on its own without any human intervention? Just like with hybrid foods, some of our food sources have been redesigned and cultivated simply as cash crops. You will never find a bushel of broccoli just growing in the forest somewhere. Broccoli only grows in rows. It is a man-made vegetable. All of the foods listed in Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide, grow on their own in the wild without the need for human interventions. From berries to apples, lettuce to zucchini; they all are wild grown and nature made. Which is why they are called natural.

“All disease begins and ends in the gut.”

By utilizing only the foods listed in the Nutritional Guide to prepare meals and natural remedies, the electric diet has proven itself time and time again to provide the best sources of nutrition and electricity for the body.

But why is it called the "Electric" Diet?

The human body, like all living things, is bioelectrical. "Bioelectricity is the electrical currents and electrical potentials generated by or occurring within living cells, tissues, and organisms." In fact, your body produces over 100 watts of energy every minute just to keep your organs functioning properly. With 99% of that energy obtained from your food, by choosing foods that are contain good sources of energy (i.e. nutrients) promotes a healthy life. However, most of the foods in our modern-day Western Diet are so overly processed or dead that, over time, they cause the body to become weighed down and lose the ability to effectively conduct energy.

On the other hand, living things are the best source of electrical energy and by eating living foods like fruits, vegetables, ancient grains, nuts & seeds, plant oils, and herbs, you are literally infusing your cells with natural electricity. Hence the name, the Electric Diet.

What is the Nutritional Guide?

As the modern diet has changed so drastically throughout time, especially since the industrial period of mass production and fast food industry, much of our food sources are no longer in their original form and do not offer the natural nutritional value our bodies demand. To combat this dilemma, Dr. Sebi spent over 30 years of his life tracing the biological origins of our food to determine which were still in their natural state. The Nutritional Guide is the gift of his results and is comprised of a list of fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds, ancient grains, oils, natural teas, herbs, and spices; all of which are still in their original form as designed by nature.

Just think of the Nutritional Guide as an extensive list of ingredients you can use to prepare meals and remedies that allow the body to heal and remain disease free. Click below to download your own copy of Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide

Dr. Sebi's Nutrional Guide
Download PDF • 3.91MB

Ultimately, the power is in your hands!

Ultimately, the Electric Diet is more than just a diet, it is a lifestyle. It is a fluid work of art that's not about weight loss gimmicks or treating symptoms with pill bottles, but it is about returning to the natural way of living. The way our bodies, on a cellular level, were intended for. By doing so, we treat the cause of our sickness (poor diet) and allow the body to do what it does best: repair and replenish. Food is medicine. So, let it electrify your life.

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